6 Things I’ve Learned in 6 Months As A Blogger

April 18, 2017

6 months (Main)

A lot has transpired in my world this past year. The two most remarkable things are obtaining a graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and launching my blog. It’s interesting how things happen as they should when we’re staying the course.

For years, I had no clue what course I was on because it seemed I was all over the place. My background is so eclectic it’s not funny. There was, however, always this looming thought, “It will all come together at some point.” I believe that time has finally arrived.

Most are unaware of the fact that I launched two blogs before The Broccoli of Dating.

Actually, one of them never saw the light of day because it was just one post that I published privately. This was three years ago. I also launched my first blog, Confessions of a Frugalista (some may remember) just about ten years ago. That was when blogs weren’t really THE thing.

So much has changed. Now everyone is a blogger. Which is sort of neat and also annoying (lol). Sometimes I even cringe a little as I’m sharing with someone I have a blog. The blogger space has no doubt become saturated. I do feel though, great content along with a compelling story/angle will continue to win.

Can you guys believe it’s already been six months since The Broccoli of Dating launched? I realized this last week as I was approaching my 50th blog post. I shocked myself! That’s A LOT of content. I keep saying, “who knew I had all of that in my brain?”

6 things I’ve learned in 6 months as a Blogger :

  1. I’m A Writer: This may surprise you….even though I’ve had two other blogs, it wasn’t until The Broccoli of Dating that I realized, I’m a writer! Writing for my blog, I’ve discovered the difference between a gift/talent and a job. Writing is my gift so it never feels like a job.
  2. Marketing is Digital: I’m actually ashamed to tell people my undergraduate degree was in marketing because I feel like this is what I suck at the most. This wasn’t always the case though. I beasted at marketing when I had my company 10 years ago. To generate income pipelines, I hit the streets. I had a residential and commercial cleaning service so, I would wake up at 5 a.m. and drive to new residential communities and put flyers on each door. Then when businesses opened at 9 a.m., I’d solicit my services to them. It worked! While I still see the value in being out and about to market yourself. The landscape has changed significantly. I wasn’t ready (**in my Kevin Hart voice)! After floundering about for five months, I decided to enlist the help of someone who does Digital Content Marketing for a living.
  3. People Crave Authenticity: I wasn’t expecting the overwhelming response to the transparency, vulnerability, and authenticity/rawness I express via the content in my blog posts. It’s naturally who I am so I wasn’t readily able to recognize how major it is, especially in our culture today.
  4. This is Hard: Man listen, having a full-time job and a “side hustle” is not a joke. I feel like such a punk sometimes because I wonder why it’s so hard for me. And my challenge isn’t writing, this is truly my happy place. It’s everything else that goes along with having and promoting a blog. I’m not complaining, I’m just being real. Cheers to everyone else who is juggling a million things and able to make them pop!
  5. I Have A Lot To Say: Seriously, I’m starting to get on my own nerves (lol). I had no idea I had so much to say. It’s actually pretty freeing though. The last 7 years, I felt silenced in large part. As you guys already know (if you don’t- start with My Story), I’ve been on an intense healing journey. So, there were often entire seasons where I didn’t know what I was thinking or feeling. Everything seemed to be jumbled together and blurred. But all the while, I was reading, studying/learning, healing, growing, and transforming. I guess it makes sense that at this point, there’s much to be said.
  6. I Am A Content Snob: Guys, I can’t just write anything and post it. Like it’s not even in me to do. I am extremely intentional about what I write. If I wouldn’t read it, I don’t write it. Also, I don’t shortchange ya’ll. I give it to you real. Again, this is something I appreciate as a consumer of content. So, why would I give you guys anything less? This makes me proud though…to know I can stand behind my content and brand 100%.

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  • CamilleK April 18, 2017 at 1:10 pm

    To be honest it seems longer than 6 months. Your readers, myself included, see such great content from you and on a consistent basis. 50 blog posts is a lot for 6 months and what you excel at doing is capturing your audience each and every time. It seems like we really know or have come to know so much about you. Congrats on your milestone. You inspire me to be more consistent. Xoxo

    • Veronica April 19, 2017 at 6:30 am

      Camille – This comment just brought so much joy to my heart. When I say, these types of messages really keep me encouraged, I hope it doesn’t sound clichè. I REALLY mean it! Thank you sooooooooo much for even taking the time out of your day to type this incredibly sweet message. Girl, you ain’t lied…50 blog posts is a lot (lol). I honestly had no clue that I was pumping out so many posts. But I think that’s because I’m really enjoying creating content that I (as a consumer) would appreciate. Let’s continue to inspire EACH OTHER!