My mentor introduced me to this broadcast maybe 4-5 years ago. I’ve been hooked since! Focus on the Family has DEFINITELY changed my life! This is a Christian based broadcast that covers a wide array of topics relating to individual and family life. I especially love the boldness in venturing into some of the more racier subjects for Christians (and our society). I think I tell everyone I know about this broadcast. Hey, just trynna spread the wealth!


My wonderful best friend has been raving about Myleik for quite some time. And not that I disregarded her promptings I just think I was being mindful of what else I was exposing myself to. Recently, my bff sent me a link to a recent podcast where Myleik was interviewing Necole Kane- and through my tears I was instantly hooked. Given I have ventured down the road of entrepreneurship before and after a season of rest I’m back to what has always brought fulfillment to me, I have been able to relate to and grow from much of the content on the #MYTAUGHTYOU Podcast.

P.S I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how refreshing her authenticity is, Myleik Teele is a gem for sure!

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