How To Remain Authentic In a Filtered Culture

February 16, 2017

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In 2014, I exited social media rather melodramatically and advised everyone I knew to do the same. Welp, they didn’t! Therefore, I was on my social media-less island all by myself. No worries, I enjoyed EVERY minute!

I may as well come right out with my disdain for social media or rather, the consequences of how we use it. I realize I really can’t blame social media, per say, for this super staged and inauthentic culture in which we now exist.

The social media platforms–Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.–are just that, social media platforms. We are what makes them what they are. Given the manner in which we engage on social media–on a computer or through an app on a phone–we are able to craft our own narratives, which can unfortunately result in the creation of false personas. I have a problem with this!

Those willing to be authentic and bare flaws are in the minority. When I rejoined social media late 2016, these were the people I sought to follow. Enough with the posts of red bottoms, but you’re sleeping on an air mattress. The philosophical messages when your personal life is in shambles. Or the pic that’s cropped ever so carefully to remove any evidence of you and your roommate sharing a room in your luxury highrise condo.  I could literally go on and on. I have been sooooo confused at times scrolling through my feeds.

So, how do I maintain authenticity on social media?

I’ve been back on social media, specifically Facebook and Instagram for three months and THE thing I’ve been most intentional about is being real. In any and all of my roles in life, my desire is to be a wise steward of them. This includes my social media presence. To me, it’s important to be isomorphic. In other words, who you see on Facebook or Instagram is who you see in person. There’s nothing for you to have to reconcile.

I view my posts as the virtual expression of who I am. I tend to post things that are transparent or vulnerable, funny, imperfect, thought provoking, challenging, convicting, bold, and loving.  These are all things that I am or that I truly represent.

What does this look like for you? Are you the same person on social media as you are in person?

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