Why Side Chicks Have It Easy

August 10, 2017


I’m pretty sure the only people that will be mad at this post are side chicks. And to that I say…Sorry, Not Sorry!

You guys know my confidence and credibility for my ballsier posts come straight from personal experience. And so…yes, I was the side chick. This is not at all something I’m proud of. Unfortunately, at the time, I just didn’t care. I was completely numb to the impact of my actions to anyone else. Those who have been reading my posts since the beginning can probably guess what time frame in my life this took place.

5 Reasons Why Side Chicks Have It Easy:

  1. Someone Else Did/Does The Heavy Lifting – Relationships are hard work! It takes great intentionality to establish a foundation and grow. This becomes more complex as two individuals begin merging their lives (ie. living spaces, finances, children, business ventures, etc.). When you are building with someone and there are so many components at play, you become heavily invested and protective over what you guys have. Therefore, you are going to make sure that it flourishes. The side chick merely reaps the benefits of the ground work that’s been laid by someone else.
  2. No Visibility Into Dirty Details – Men typically are careful about the image they present to side chicks. They only want to be viewed favorably so they work to shield the side chick from the undesirable parts of them/their lives. This includes their dirty draws. LITERALLY. The average side chick does not have to worry about washing the dude’s crappy draws. I’m just sayin!
  3. Armed With “Good Enough” Information – The side chick is typically the shoulder to lean on, the counselor, the confidant. Therefore they are equipped with ammunition against the man should they need it, and just enough information to know exactly how they need to play their position.
  4. Position Comes With Leverage – Men share a lot with side chicks. A LOT! Side chicks have the upper hand in this regard because they have an arsenal of information at their disposal and all they have to do is balk and they are able to exert power to get what they want.
  5. Exposure is Limited to the Man’s Best Self – Having a side chick is an adventure for men. It’s like a game they get to play. So, creating the image they want to portray is just like selecting a man on a playstation game. Men want to do the fun and exciting stuff with the side chick. They want to appear to be a hero in the side chick’s eyes. The side chick benefits from this because she rarely has to deal with drama.

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  • Alexander August 11, 2017 at 7:43 am

    Hi Veronica,
    And if there is drama, side chicks can cut their losses easily. Thanks for the authenticity. You’re writing some great music. Keep playing.

    • Veronica August 11, 2017 at 9:01 am

      This much is true. Thank you so much Alexander. These types of my messages are certainly my fuel to keep it up 🙂